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"Dear Mr. Greenberger,

Albert D. has been a resident at the Forest Hills Care Center, on and off, since the beginning of July. He is in a very fragile state of health.

I must compliment you and your staff on the excellent care that he is receiving from all the staff with whom he comes in contact. The compassion and care that they exhibit is wonderful, and gives Albert's family much comfort. The nursing staff on the second floor, where he is, has been wonderful, very attentive to all of his needs. Unfortunately I do not know all of their names, but whenever I visit and ask a question, or ask for something for Albert, they always respond in a friendly and caring manner. This means so much to his family, to know that Albert is in such a good place.

Vicky Gutman and Helen Hernandez, in the social work department, have been extremely helpful and very concerned about Albert's well being. They visit him and field many questions from the family.

Mark and the recreation staff have also been so great, buying him food when he requests it, always with a smile.

I can go on and on about the people that I have met, from the receptionist at the desk to the doctor on call, all pleasant, caring and professional. It is very difficult for Albert's family to see him so sick, but we are comforted and reassured to have him at Forest Hills."

Sincerely, Gail D.

"Monday September 1, 2008 I visited my mother-in-law (Elvira D.)...I was totally impressed by the cleanliness of your facility, as well as the pleasantness of your entire staff. From the moment you walked in, to entering the elevator, from passing staff on the floor, regardless of if they were a nurse, aid, food server, maintenance, clerical etc. It also happened to be lunch time and there was a gentleman singing music on the patio. I was equally impressed how he interacted with warmth towards every patient regardless of their limitations. He actually cared about their enjoying the moment and spot lighted them in participating to sing along. Not to mention he was good at performing and singing. T thin it is wonderful that on a whole everyone showed compassion and respect to the elderly and sick patients instead of treating them with no dignity. God Bless you all for treating all the patients as though they were members of your family."

Respectfully, Patti D.

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